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Little Red On The Ridge | Celtic Cast On

Eat your heart out Ysolda its Little Red On The Ridge! Pattern:Capuchon by Tagil Perlmutter from Petite Purls 10 Yarn: Berroco Lustra 3.5 skeins Mods: Instead of an i cord loop for the button I picked up 6 stitches on the side of the border, knit a few rows, added a buttonhole, knit a few more rows and bound off. I thought this would hold the cape on better and… Read More »Little Red On The Ridge | Celtic Cast On

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What big… | Celtic Cast On

What big ears you have…. What a long nose you have…. What itty bitty front teeth you have… If you are expecting the big bad wolf you won’t find him here. Unless of course you try to hurt her family they big bad Moolee will be on your tail! It’s my gentle protector, ever quiet ever faithful and ever protecting her herd. Feeling the love for my Molly girl!

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Wheelin | Celtic Cast On

Just in case you all think that we are frolicking around on bare grass with no snow in sight, think again! We suited T up, the wind was frigid, for a little trek on the 4 wheeler. She hates to wear her mittens, too restrictive maybe, so we pulled on a pair of mine which she enjoyed wearing. We headed up a  logging road that was cut a few years… Read More »Wheelin | Celtic Cast On

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Remember | Celtic Cast On

Remember the “If Tadpole is a girl cardi?” The cardigan that I started to knit after a sudden freak out of “What if this really IS a girl? I don’t have any clothes for a girl! T is filling it out nicely now so I thought I`d take the opportunity to get some modelled shots while it still fits. Big sister Molly is always up for a photo shoot and… Read More »Remember | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » One Sock Two Sock

I’ve been working away on my mystery socks. Time is definitely a ticking and I’m unsure at this point whether I’m going to make the June 30th cut off. One sock is complete and the other is in the works…. I was trucking right along until last night when I picked up my sock and realized I had  skipped the cuff altogether and started off with the leg chart. *groan*… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » One Sock Two Sock


Officially a Farmer | Celtic Cast On

So yesterday marked a day…. the day Moose and I officially became farmers!! This is the pasture! We’ve be working on it for months now. See before it was pasture it was tree’d ferny land that we morphed into pasture. From clearing the land and picking rocks…….. picking rocks over 2 and a half acres I might add TWICE!!! Tilling, disc harrowing, are you getting the picture yet?? Yesterday was… Read More »Officially a Farmer | Celtic Cast On


Itty Bitty’s | Celtic Cast On

Lately my knitting has been geared towards smaller projects, ones I can bang out in a day or two. Part of that reason is because I’ve sworn to cast nothing else on the needles until I get my Anne Spencer completed…… well….. Anne Spencer has pissed me off and I don’t know if you will ever get to see her. See mum was here the other night and in all… Read More »Itty Bitty’s | Celtic Cast On


three by three | Celtic Cast On

I seem to be knitting everything in three’s as of late. By the third i’m definately ready for another project so its just as well i’m not knitting in four’s.                                                   These are the cutest little tissue socks I whipped up over my lunch break. Simple and small enough to mindlessly knit and finish within the day. I used left overs of sock yarn that I had laying around.… Read More »three by three | Celtic Cast On


D is for…… | Celtic Cast On

                                                                 is for Duffle Coat                                                                                                          Pattern:  Duffle Coat by Zoe Mellor in Double Knits             Yarn: Cascade 220 green 8903             Needles: US size 7            Start Date: January 2008            Finish Date: 24th February 2008 *Waves white flag* Ok Jeanne, you win, I’m done with Moss stitch for a while!!! This project was getting very monotonous at the end, I just wanted… Read More »D is for…… | Celtic Cast On


First Snow! | Celtic Cast On

Saturday night we got the first snow of the season, about 3 inches. The good thing about being in the country is that it stays longer so Sunday we were able to take the dogs out and enjoy it. Here’s Bosty Saturday night as the snow was just starting to fall.        ~ Ok Mum what’s with the white stuff?? ~   The next day……    ~ Sniff sniff sniff!! Can I… Read More »First Snow! | Celtic Cast On