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We Bring You the Celtics From Ancient Times to the Modern World

Welcome to our website about Celtic folk lore. Here, on our website, we talk about Celtic folk lore, origins and stories that will simply blow your mind. When we think about Celts, we don’t normally think of an Irish or Scottish people, but nomads who have ventured into mythologies and lived hundreds of years ago. But Celts are not only what we think of. It was originally a tribe from northern and central Europe, and about 500 BCE they settled in parts of Scotland, Ireland, and other similar regions. Celts were a pagan tribe, and definitely not monotheistic. Therefore, there are actually a lot of interesting stories in the Celtic folk lore, and those stories speak about the life and culture of the Celts during those times. The Celtic folk lore has many levels, many gods, religions, ideas, and mythological figures. Most of these have come from the type of society the Celts lived in, and the bindings of those particular societies. Celtic folk lore has a lot of bearings in the modern life of Europeans as well, and we will see what those bearings mean.

Where Did the Celts Come from Originally

Where Did the Celts Come from Originally

The Celts are basically a Germanic nomadic tribe, that came from the Northern and the western part of Europe. The tribe entered the eastern European regions all the way back in 500BCE and settled in the regions near to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and East England.

Some theories have been proposed that the Celts came from the Halsatt tribe of Austria, and some people came that they came from a Greek Nomadic tribe. What made them different during that time were their beliefs. As we can see that they Celts came into the picture before the birth of Christ, and their linguistic, clothes , ritual and cultural beliefs were extremely different than the other tribes living in the same region.

Myths, Druids, Warriors

What Is Celtic Folklore: Celtic Myths, Druids and Warriors

Celtic folk lore, as we might have established before had many levels. They were pagan worshippers and polytheistic, therefore, they had many gods, legends and beliefs that were completely different than the roman catholic tribes of the later period. As pagan worshippers, they believed in worshipping God Like Creatures more than and the supernatural entity itself, and had inclinations to worship animals or natural things that helped them survive.


Celtic folk lore has mentions of Druids. Druids are basically a tribe that was a part of the Celtic Society. From Julius Caesar to other important Roman Rulers, he made comments and notes about Druids, and frequently kept them in mind while planning invasions. Druids were philosophers, healers, magic workers, and other learned men who designed the society from its very roots.


There were many cycles in the mythology of the ancient Celts. On many websites, you will find the mentions of these cycles. The mythological cycles are Mythological cycles, the Ulster Cycles, Fenian Cycles and many more. The Dagada And the Morrigan were two of the most important Irish Gods that were worshipped by the Celts. Their Gods were mostly Gaelic in nature and has associations with the environment.

About : Celtic Culture, Art and Music

We have seen Celtic music in many movies and television shows, but we were not exactly made aware of their origins. On this website, you will find all the information you need to know about Celtic Music and Art. Celtic music, in reality, started from sounds that were transferred orally. Many instruments were used, but no musical notes were made. Simple music was made, which has found its way into the modern world. The theme of Titanic was made from revived Celtic Music Itself. Fiddle, Celtic Harp and Irish Flute were used as instruments for music.

Celtic Art is typically medieval and has altercations from the bronze and the iron age, and with time, the Celtic art too has found its way into the modern world. You can check more on our websites, as our websites are filled with information regarding Celtic revival art.


Most Popular and Fun Facts to Know

Celts are responsible for many amazing sports games that we play today. Soccer is one f the most popular games was originally invented by the Celts and the decedents of Celts, which is the Scottish and the Irish people. There are many online casino websites, where you can bet on sports games such as these. These online casino websites give out a casino bonus option, and the casino bonus option is great as it helps you to start sports betting with no deposit required. The casino bonus option in these online casino websites, help us start sports betting and win real money with no investments required, and as these are all legal casinos, you can win real money with no hassles in these legal casinos.

Celts in the Modern World

If we are thinking about Celts in the modern world, all the Irish, English, and Scottish men and women are descendants from the original nomadic tribe.

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