Modern Celts


The bible of the Celtic motifs of David Ride (Editions West-France, 2010). Abstract: The Bible of Celtic motifs offered a synthetic and argued reading of an ornament that developed for about twenty centuries and whose contemplation always fascinates us, as it seems to answer to a mysterious and alternative way of thinking in western culture. The author, David Balade, here delivers his new historical and graphic researches on an ornamental repertoire of infinite richness, whose apogee goes back to the Irish Golden Age, time of the illuminated books counted among the masterpieces of the art of the High Middle Ages. At the end of the book, a lot of information, maps of migrations, dates, give the necessary points of reference for the discovery of this universe; building diagrams guide the reader towards the creation of these elaborate motifs.

The queen of vengeance of Christopher Lambert (Mango, 2010). Abstract: a 60 AD, Roman province of Brittany. Emperor Nero appropriates the lands of the Celtic tribe of the Scenes, then whips their queen, The Flaming Boadicea, and rapes her daughters. Rebelled, the Sovereign led her people to rebellion, helped by the goddess Minerva, who offered her a spear with powers as prodigious as they were terrifying. The conflict fell on Olympus and the Lands of Brittany. For men and gods, nothing will ever be the same again.

Chloe, a young, determined student, enrolled in the Faculty of Rennes to specialize in Celtic history. As soon as he arrived, his journey was marked by a series of unexplained murders. All the evidence seems to converge towards the Brocéliande forest, where Chloe is involved in an excavation project on the site of ancient burials. But by revealing what must remain buried, is it not likely to awaken forces of forgotten savagery?

But also other British authors like Sir Thomas Malory, author of the first modern Arthurian novel properly speaking: the death of Arthur (no it is not a typo).


The tales of the Korrigan is a series of comic strips featuring short stories by different authors on the theme of the Korrigan (Breton elves), tales and Legends of Brittany and Celtic countries (Ireland, Scotland, Wales). The series was created at the initiative of Jean-Luc Istin, and the two leading writers are Erwan Le Breton and Ronan Le Breton.

The times are one of change, confrontation, and change. The Rome of the Caesars gave way to the Rome of the Popes without its teeth. Near the Monasteries of Brigate and Uxisama, monks are murdered according to strange rites that seem to accuse the Druids.

At a time when ancient traditions are disappearing to make way for the worship of the one God, the, a Celtic goddess, is seeking to stem the spread of Christianity. To this end, she ordered the birth of a messiah of the old beliefs to lead the fight and repel the Christian invader forever. Son of a spirit from the air and a virgin, will Merlin follow the paths that are laid out for him?


King Arthur is an American action film based on the Arthurian legend, directed by Antoine Fuqua in 3004. Resume: after five centuries of domination over Great Britain, the Roman Empire, each day more weakened, abandons the island threatened by the bloodthirsty invasions of the Saxons.

Before being discharged from his duties, Arthur was given a final mission. He must rescue the beautiful Guinevere, tortured for heresy. With his knights, he realized that they were the last hope in the face of the massacre planned by the Saxons. As the Knights attempt to lead the people and nobles away from the Hadrian Wall, Arthur must choose his destiny. If he flees, he will be free; if he opposes the legions of Saxons who are about to March, he will undoubtedly be killed. He doesn’t know that his decision will change the course of history.


The productions of the Pre-Raphaelite artists (19th century) are very representative of the taste for the Italian artists of the 15th century (clear relationship with Raphael), literature and poetry as well as themes of the Middle Ages. There are many themes from the Celtic legends, including the poems mentioned above. This aspect is worth to this group of artists a close relationship with the idea of this site.


The Corrs: this is an Irish pop band with strong Celtic influences whose members are a brother and three sisters. They have been active since 1995 and have released 11 albums, the last of which dates back to 2007. Their first album, forgotten Not Forgotten a subtle blend of Irish tradition and pop music has had its greatest success in Australia. The Home album is a tribute to the Celtic folklore that inspired them and featured many covers of traditional Irish songs, two of which are sung in Gaelic Buachaill on Eirene and Bridog Ni Maille. It was a big hit in France, becoming gold only a month after its release.

Loreena Mckennitt: she is an author-composer-performer, harpist, accordionist, and Canadian pianist. The quality of his compositions and interpretations has given him an international reputation. She finds the inspiration for her music in Celtic legends. His latest album Troubadours of the Rhine was released in 2012. She is an active artist since 1985 and has a total of nine albums.