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Old Man… | Celtic Cast On

Old Man winter has arrived! Yesterday was our first snow storm of the season. Surprisingly the Ridge didn’t get as much snow as other parts of the province but there is enough to play and slide in so that’s all that really matters. My boy adores the snow and spends much of his time looking exactly like this. Molly on the other hand is getting older and can be seen… Read More »Old Man… | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Knitting Vintage

Having two months of rain, fog and cold weather really makes you think about Autumn more and more. I’ve been dying to cast on for a cosy warm sweater for myself but seeing as that’s pretty much impossible at this present time I settled for a pair of cosy toe socks instead. I cast on for the  Gentlemen’s socks with Lozenge pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks, tailored for my little feet.  This… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Knitting Vintage

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Happy Halloween | Celtic Cast On

This year when I asked T what she would like to be for Halloween she immediately said A Pumpkin! Ok I thought a pumpkin will be easy…. until she said “I want you to knit me a pumpkin!” ummmmm really??? At first I really was going to knit her a pumpkin costume but when we walked into music class and saw THE perfect pumpkin in her size for sale she… Read More »Happy Halloween | Celtic Cast On

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Yarn Along | Celtic Cast On

As I type T is playing hairdresser…. I’ve got one eye squinted from the pain of the round brush jabbing into my head, I’m being asked to tilt  my head waaay waaay back so she can wash it and then spraying hairspray on top. Boss has his paw on my arm as if to say HELLLOOOO you aren’t touching me while Molly, oh sweet Molly dreams of daddy on her… Read More »Yarn Along | Celtic Cast On

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Sliding | Celtic Cast On

We were supposed to get a big storm yesterday… everything was cancelled…. but our 10-15 cms of snow only amounted to a few inches in the end with lots of freezing rain. I was excited at the prospect of actually HAVING some snow this winter that didn’t end up getting washed away by rain the very next day but again luck wasn’t going to go my way. Freezing rain however… Read More »Sliding | Celtic Cast On

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AHEMMMM! | Celtic Cast On

Molly wanted to let you all know its SNOWING!!!! To those of you that have been griping about NOT having snow *cough cough* MONIKA! You are welcome to come play in my yard. It started to snow this morning on our walk round the loop and it’s still coming down. The forecast shows rain for this afternoon but I’m hoping that it will continue to snow for us where we… Read More »AHEMMMM! | Celtic Cast On

Firsts | Celtic Cast On

I’m so glad I took pictures of Julissa when I did. That evening it started to snow and the next morning I woke up to this…. T and I took advantage of all that white fluffiness. She took her first sled right of the season around the loop, and built her first ever snowman! She chose what we would use to decorate him while Boss and Molly worked on destroying… Read More »Firsts | Celtic Cast On