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Yarn Along | Celtic Cast On

Yarnalong Gsheller Gray

As I type T is playing hairdresser…. I’ve got one eye squinted from the pain of the round brush jabbing into my head, I’m being asked to tilt  my head waaay waaay back so she can wash it and then spraying hairspray on top. Boss has his paw on my arm as if to say HELLLOOOO you aren’t touching me while Molly, oh sweet Molly dreams of daddy on her pillow.

I’ve been having a case of startitis as of late. Not that I have cast on a lot but I’ve been thinking about it and winding yarn like a crazy woman. There are just too many things floating around in my head right now and its all my stashes fault!

The potential of each skein is jumping at me left and right and I’m having a hard time settling on one pattern for certain yarns as many ideas are coming to me.

That being said today I’m concentrating on Outlaw. I love this sweater and although I’ve had to make some adjustments along the way it’s all coming together nicely. I joined the sleeves to the body last night will start the patterned yoke this afternoon.

Until this one is done I’m going to try to keep my mind at bay and not cast on too much… maybe just one or two small things…. ugghhh MUST KNIT FASTER!

I’m listening to the second book in the Hunger Games series called Catching Fire. I liked book one but I was left feeling kind of meh and wondering what all the hype was about. Once I started book two I realized I was drawn more to the characters than anything. I’m almost through with book 2, they are quick reads thats for sure, then there will be  one book left in the series.