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kanoko pants

Yarnalong Gsheller Gray

Yarn Along | Celtic Cast On

As I type T is playing hairdresser…. I’ve got one eye squinted from the pain of the round brush jabbing into my head, I’m being asked to tilt  my head waaay waaay back so she can wash it and then spraying hairspray on top. Boss has his paw on my arm as if to say HELLLOOOO you aren’t touching me while Molly, oh sweet Molly dreams of daddy on her… Read More »Yarn Along | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Tadpole’s Quilt

Its taken a while for me to get pictures of the next couple of packages. The weather has been dull and rainy which provides horrible lighting and I also needed Moose’s help  to showcase this next one. This most gorgeous quilt was made by Pat of Pat`s Knitting and Quilting. If you haven`t had the opportunity to see Pat`s work yet, what are you waiting for, get right on over… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Tadpole’s Quilt

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Dyed in the Wool

I took advantage of the snow day yesterday while Moose was sleeping and dyed the piece of wool fabric I bought at the hook in before christmas for my first project. I’ve been learning some tips from Deb regarding how I want my finished project to look. Instead of buying some plain ole green fabric I went with a plaid version that I could dye myself that would give my… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Dyed in the Wool

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Arrival

Tadpole has arrived!! In the form of a little girl, the image of her daddy! Trinity Hannah Born Nov 12th 2009 Weighing 1/4 oz shy of 8 pounds I’m a Tad busy at the moment but I’ll hopefully get more pictures up some time soon.  

Mystery unravelled…. | Celtic Cast On

Well…. the completed socks came before the Tadpole Pattern:Through The Loops Mystery Socks by Kirsten Kapur Yarn:Louet Gems fine fingering in fern green Needles:2.75mm dpns Start Date: Oct 1st 2009 Finish Date: Oct 29th 2009 Kirsten, once again designed another wonderful mystery sock for Socktoberfest. The pairing of cables and lace really made this pattern pop. The socks are nice and stretchy which is a good thing with the water retention I’ve… Read More »Mystery unravelled…. | Celtic Cast On

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Fair Isle First! | Celtic Cast On

I’m so excited to share my next project with you.  I have wanted to try Fair Isle for MANY years but have always shied away from this “scary” technique. Pat and Elinor have inspired me for years with their beautiful projects and many of  Elinor’s original designs are waiting in my queue to be knit. In December I started a binder with a collection of  patterns I wanted to knit in 2009.… Read More »Fair Isle First! | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Widdle Socks

It only seems fitting that this next package from Monika, Biko and Happy arrived just before Socktoberfest got underway. Tadpole’s first pair of socks!!! How incredibly adorable are these socks??? I love the garter stitch detail, so unique, I’ve never come across a pattern for baby socks that is this cute. I may have to give this pattern a go and make another pair for Tad. Love  that the package was addressed to “My name and Moose!” heheh… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Widdle Socks

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Finishing up! | Celtic Cast On

Tadpole is still hanging on with only 6 days till my due date. It’s given me the chance to finally get some pictures of these last few knits.   Pattern: Bunny Tail by Susan B Anderson Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton ease in Taupe Needles: 4.5mm Start Date: September 15th 2009 Finish Date: September 16th 2009  Mods: I omit the pompom tail, other than that knit to pattern. Pattern: Kanoko Pants by Yumiko… Read More »Finishing up! | Celtic Cast On

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Elijah | Celtic Cast On

Pattern: Elijah by Ysolda Teague Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Stone Needles: 3.25mm’s Start Date: May 30th 2009 Finish Date: September 13th 2009 I started Elijah during my fourth month of pregnancy when the knitting mojo was barely in existence. I completed the head and then lost all mojo and patience for a good couple of months. I picked him up again in August determined to get some WIP’s finished… Read More »Elijah | Celtic Cast On