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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Dyed in the Wool

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I took advantage of the snow day yesterday while Moose was sleeping and dyed the piece of wool fabric I bought at the hook in before christmas for my first project. I’ve been learning some tips from Deb regarding how I want my finished project to look. Instead of buying some plain ole green fabric I went with a plaid version that I could dye myself that would give my project a more interesting look.

This is the piece of Dorr wool in Glen Plaid that I bought.


Plopped that into my big ole pot I scored at Salvation Army for a whooping $2.99!!! Added some Cushings Dye in Bright green and let the magic work.


I had a shade of green in mind, not too bright but not too dark, just that lovely shade of green I drool over. With fingers crossed I let it *cook* if you will and…..



How’s that for a perfect green?? Its exactly what I was wanting! Can’t wait to cut the strips thursday and begin.