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Having two months of rain, fog and cold weather really makes you think about Autumn more and more. I’ve been dying to cast on for a cosy warm sweater for myself but seeing as that’s pretty much impossible at this present time I settled for a pair of cosy toe socks instead.

I cast on for the  Gentlemen’s socks with Lozenge pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks, tailored for my little feet.  This is the third or fourth pattern I’ve knit from this book and it has once again proved to be a wonderful library addition.  I’m using Louet Gems in a lovely fall orange, these will be a lovely pair to have on hand this fall.

Of course the minute I start working on them we get beautiful weather, at least for one day anyway. Maybe I should just keep knitting socks if it makes the sun hang around.

My mum and dad are in the process of building a house on the most beautiful water frontage. Dad of course is building the house himself, and Moose has been helping out when he isn’t working. Being the preggo that I am I’m not much good for lugging wood and standing up walls so instead I get to enjoy my surroundings and do a little knitting.

I found a nice half shady half sunny spot on top of a pile of sheathing to work on my socks as well as keep an eye on the dogs.  Molly is perfectly content as long as she can see Moose at all times. She spent most of her day with me on  top of the sheathing watching her daddy’s every move.