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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » One Sock Two Sock

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I’ve been working away on my mystery socks. Time is definitely a ticking and I’m unsure at this point whether I’m going to make the June 30th cut off.

One sock is complete and the other is in the works….

I was trucking right along until last night when I picked up my sock and realized I had  skipped the cuff altogether and started off with the leg chart. *groan* I made sure to use my highlighter second time around, highlighting CUFF, LEG and RIGHT SOCK. This was just before I frogged the entire thing. Hopefully it won’t take too long to re knit.

I’ve had lots of questions about the yarn I’m using. It’s  A Piece Of Vermont in the Jam colourway gifted by Lynne. The dyer is no longer making this yarn which is unfortunate as I have really enjoyed working with it  and seeing the subtle colour changes as I knit. It looks quite a bit different knit up than it did in the skein, I was quite surprised to see deep blues and some pinks throughout.

Boston and Molly are enjoying lots of outdoor time but wish black fly season was over. It’s much more enjoyable when you aren’t getting your ears eaten.

Boston : “I know I heard something squeak in here, you find it yet Moolee?”

Moolee: “sniff sniff sniff, Nope!”

I’m so happy with my little Lupin bed. Two years ago I made the bed and planted two packets of Lupin seeds just before Fall. Last year only two plants grew out of about 20-30 seeds with 3-5 flowers on each. I was quite disappointed as I was expecting it to be full of them. This year however the Lupin’s have bloomed VERY early and I have over 20 flowers on each plant. I just need one more plant in the front there and my little bed will be perfect. Can you imagine what it would have been like with 30 plants?? lol I bought some more Lupin seeds yesterday, packets with multiple colours, with plans for more Lupin growing this year. We have a whole side hill that would look sooo awesome covered in colourful Lupin’s.