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This week’s snacking | Celtic Cast On

Since starting back to work in a nut free environment it has become extremely hard for me to take the foods I live on to work everyday. I’ve had to get creative and am continually searching for things to snack on. I usually make either a few batches of something at a time or make several different things one right after the other so I have some kind of variety… Read More »This week’s snacking | Celtic Cast On

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Ice Caves | Celtic Cast On

Last weekend we loaded up the old snowmobile and headed out in search of some Ice Caves. Not far from where we live there are some snowmobile trails that we knew would take us to this spot. Moose and T went down first so I could get some shots from above. There were ropes tied from tree to tree that were a great help getting down…and up. Otherwise you’d have… Read More »Ice Caves | Celtic Cast On

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Agatha | Celtic Cast On

Ok I just couldn’t wait to show you all my finished knit. It was so nice out yesterday that I blocked it out in the sun during the day, sewed buttons on and took pictures during the evening. Presenting….. Agatha! This was a test knit for Andi of Untangling Knots using Cascade 220. I knew I wanted to knit this when I first saw glimpses of Andi designing it back… Read More »Agatha | Celtic Cast On

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Manu | Celtic Cast On

Pattern:Manu by Kate Davies Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed Needles: 4mm circs My last FO of 2010 and I LOVE it! I started this in March when the pattern first became available. I knit through the body fairly quickly and then procrastinated knitting the sleeves for oh 6 months or so. I think if I had realized the detail that this pattern entails and how fun it would have been to… Read More »Manu | Celtic Cast On

Destash | Celtic Cast On

I’ve been cleaning out my bookshelves and have a few knitting books that I won’t be needing anymore. These are all in brand new condition! I’m selling them all for $12 each  plus shipping. ETA: I have two more for sale Yarn Play by Lisa Shobhana $12 and Noro Revisited by Cornelia Hamilton $15 I knit Kolsva out of this one. If anything tickles your fancy let me know and… Read More »Destash | Celtic Cast On

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Kouyou | Celtic Cast On

As I mentioned before I test knit Oiyi`s beautiful pattern Kouyou. Pattern:Kouyou by Angela Tong Yarn: Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool Needles: 4.25mm circs I used a liittle over 2 skeins of Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool to make the sport weight version of this shawl. I wasn`t sure if this yarn would provide the warmth needed to wear as a scarf but I was pleasantly surprised by how cosy it is. I`ve already… Read More »Kouyou | Celtic Cast On

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Wray | Celtic Cast On

Pattern: Wray by LilyKate *test knit* size 34 Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Centolavaggi Needles: 3.5 and 3.75mm circs I test knit this pattern for Lily and what a sweet pattern it is. Knit from the top down in laceweight yarn, this swing style cardigan has many features that make it unique and tailored. A fluted hem, pleated sleeves, and a true femine style complete this little number.  A love how delicate it… Read More »Wray | Celtic Cast On

Vote Moose!!! | Celtic Cast On

Poor Moose doesn’t get much blog time, I think he’d rather T have his share, but right now Moose needs your help! He is competing for a last chance to get onto Wipeout Canada. Those of you in the States I’m sure have seen Wipeout before, in the U.K. I believe its Total Wipeout. The show is basically one giant obstacle course that you and 19 other people tackle. There… Read More »Vote Moose!!! | Celtic Cast On