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Ice Caves | Celtic Cast On

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Last weekend we loaded up the old snowmobile and headed out in search of some Ice Caves.

Not far from where we live there are some snowmobile trails that we knew would take us to this spot.

Moose and T went down first so I could get some shots from above.

There were ropes tied from tree to tree that were a great help getting down…and up. Otherwise you’d have to be a billy goat to go about it…. and even a billy goat would be in trouble with all that ice.

The meltdown happened when Moose put T up on the ledge so he could pull himself in. It was crazy slippery and almost impossible to get inside. She freaked and started yelling ” I don’t like it, I don’t want to go in!” and that was the end of T and the cave lol

So T romped around and ate our picnic outside while Moose and I took turns inside.

It was incredibly slippery. Someone had tied a rop around the middle column but it just swung around in circles when you tried to use it so it was pretty useless. I slide back down that hill sooo many times before Mr. Jimmy Rig decided he was going to make me stairs to get in.

He used some twine that was lying around and a some branches to make them and I was able to just walk up the rungs and get in….. why didn’t someone else think of that?

There wasn’t much inside the cave but it was still  kind of cool to see how the water had frozen.

and peak out the hole!

Finally just before we left T decided that she wanted to sit with me at the mouth of the cave to get a picture…. that was after she saw a squirrel when she was running around and started screaming I DON’T LIKE IT and crying lol

She talks about that squirrel often and how she didn’t like it but we also left him a snack so there are good memories of the squirrel too.

On the snowmobile trails there are warming shacks every so often that house a wood stove and some seating. We didn’t both going into this one on the way home.  We weren’t that far from the truck and it was pelting down ice pellets so we just carried on.

It was a good run but I think T will enjoy it more when she’s a bit older and will actually enjoy exploring the cave.

That being said she does love going on the snowmobile so it wasn’t all a loss!