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Vote Moose!!! | Celtic Cast On

Poor Moose doesn’t get much blog time, I think he’d rather T have his share, but right now Moose needs your help!

He is competing for a last chance to get onto Wipeout Canada. Those of you in the States I’m sure have seen Wipeout before, in the U.K. I believe its Total Wipeout. The show is basically one giant obstacle course that you and 19 other people tackle. There are several courses in the beginning that are timed and people are eliminated along the way,only a few make it to the final obstacle course for a chance to win.

 In the last call approx 300 of the call backs that didn’t make it on the show have one last shot to make it. They had to upload a wipeout to Wipeout Canada’s facebook group and the public votes. This is where you come in! Only 20 videos with the most votes will make it to the next round where the judges will pick ten of the twenty to go to Toronto and fight for the one last spot on a mini obstacle course.

So I’m asking you my fellow bloggers to take a moment go to this link and vote for Moose. Of course make sure you watch the video too, T makes a small appearance 😉 If you are on Facebook you can search the “My Husband needs your vote  for Wipeout Canada” event and vote, don’t forget to share the link with all your fam and friends!

The public voting ends on Sept 22nd which just happens to be Moose’s Birthday, lets call them early birthday votes.