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three by three | Celtic Cast On


I seem to be knitting everything in three’s as of late. By the third i’m definately ready for another project so its just as well i’m not knitting in four’s.


These are the cutest little tissue socks I whipped up over my lunch break. Simple and small enough to mindlessly knit and finish within the day. I used left overs of sock yarn that I had laying around.

From left to right are knit picks spring prairie, *top* spunky eclectic neopolitan, and sugar bunny boulevard Kelly. ahhhhhh such cutess will fit perfectly inside my knitting bag. Now which one do you want mum???

Mister Owl happens to be hanging around none other than MY house. I let Bos and Molly out to pee friday morning, Bos ran out and starting jumping up in the air at something. Mister Owl was hanging out on our telephone line until Boston scared him off. Hopefully he will return again.

Boston loves his Nanny and Granda. He gets sooo excited when they come, dad tends to wind him up too so that only aids in the excitement.


 ~ heheheheh only at nanny and granda’s can you sneak on the couch. When are we going back there again? ~ Boston