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three by three | Celtic Cast On

I seem to be knitting everything in three’s as of late. By the third i’m definately ready for another project so its just as well i’m not knitting in four’s.                                                   These are the cutest little tissue socks I whipped up over my lunch break. Simple and small enough to mindlessly knit and finish within the day. I used left overs of sock yarn that I had laying around.… Read More »three by three | Celtic Cast On


SICK! | Celtic Cast On

Thats what i’ve been for the past 7 days SICK!!! I haven’t been since the whole three years I’ve been married and then BHAM!!! It hits me like a ton of bricks. Thank goodness there was only a 4 day work week because I don’t think I could have handled all 5. I went thru 1 and a half boxes of tissues and 2 boxes of advil cold and sinus… Read More »SICK! | Celtic Cast On


Hooking 101 | Celtic Cast On

This post if for Monika and anyone else interested in the whole rug hooking how to’s. Its a very simple concept really and I will try to portray it in pictures. Keep in mind these pictures were taken by me with the timer on so if I didn’t get a good enough shot and you aren’t understanding it all please let me know and I’ll try my best to capture… Read More »Hooking 101 | Celtic Cast On