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SICK! | Celtic Cast On


Thats what i’ve been for the past 7 days SICK!!! I haven’t been since the whole three years I’ve been married and then BHAM!!! It hits me like a ton of bricks. Thank goodness there was only a 4 day work week because I don’t think I could have handled all 5. I went thru 1 and a half boxes of tissues and 2 boxes of advil cold and sinus in 3 days……. just at work ugggggghhhh. Needless to say nothing much got done this week, I was lucky if I was still awake at 8pm and my shows….. I either didn’t make it to them or fell asleep on the first break *sigh* I hate when that happens. Fingers crossed I am on the mend, though I can’t seem to get rid of all the extra mucus I seem to have gathered up.

I did get SOME knitting done though. I needed something to keep me occupied during my lunch so that I might not blow my nose right off my face. So I though what’s quick, simple and an easy pattern to remember? I was NOT in the mood to be following intricate patterns.

The answer…………. DISCLOTHS of course. I have a gazillion balls of cotton that are taking over my stash that need to be used and i’ve been meaning to make some new cloths for quite a while. Now will be the perfect timing.

I first cast on for *probably the most famous dishcloth in blogland* the Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloth. I LOVE this cloth and had some yummy colours that would be perfect for it.


White sugar and cream with mint bernat hanicrafter, does that not remind you of mint chocolate chip ice cream???


More ice cream you say??? yup neopolitan. White sugar and cream with bernat handicrafter in rosewood.

I couldn’t stop with just two cloths, I was on a roll, but getting a bit bored so I switched up the pattern and kept on going. These are DW Darrell Waltrip dishcloths. It was my first try at this pattern and BOY is it addictive. Its a simple pattern, once you’ve knit it once you won’t need a pattern again.


image   image image

Tired of dishcloths yet??? I started a new project yesterday but that will have to wait for another post.

Kristina and I were talking about Owls the other day, then a few days later while out to get groceries I spotted something sitting on the power lines. As we got closer I realized that it was an owl, out in the middle of a bright snowy day. I could have kicked myself because I didn’t have my camera with me, usually I take it but we were still on our road so Moose suggested we turn around and go get it. I knew mr. owl would be gone by the time we got back but couldn’t resist trying to get his picture. Upon returning Mr. Owl was of course gone, much to my dismay. We carried on about the day, got groceries etc and travelled back home. On our road I kept a watchful eye out hoping to see him again but he was gone from his perch. I few more moments down the road I yelled “THERE HE IS!!!!” STOP STOP!!! I didn’t want to get too close and have him fly away before I got ANY pictures so I stood on the outside step of the truck with my camera perched on the hood and had Moose reverse slowly while I took picture after picture.


Finally Moose said get in we need to get one where you can see his feathers. He reversed parallel to Mr. Owl who ignored that we even exsisted.


I pointed the camera out the window and in my best Dennis the Menace rendition yelled Hey Misterrrr OOOOOOWWLLLLL!!! Like out of a movie the owl slowly turned his head towards me, it was sooooo creepy!!!


VOLIA!!! PERFECT SHOT!!! So there you have it Kristina, Oliver the Owl, who lives on the Ridge.