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Knit East 2013 | Celtic Cast On

This past weekend I attended a maritime knitting convention called Knit East held at The Algonquin This is the second time the event has happened and the second time I have attended. This year had a fantastic line up of teachers: Bristol Ivy, Susan B Anderson, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Ann Budd, Deb Barnhill and Stephanie Pearl McPhee There were so many choices for classes that I had a really hard time… Read More »Knit East 2013 | Celtic Cast On

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2011 In Review | Celtic Cast On

7 adult garments6 T sized garments3 pairs of socks4 toys3 hats2 shawls1 infinity cowl Phew! Not too shabby! There is one knit in the mosiac you haven’t seen yet. I just put up a teaser shot for now but it will be released sometime this month. Any guesses which one it is? I ended up frogging Emelie. I just had the sleeves left to do but wasn’t feeling it so… Read More »2011 In Review | Celtic Cast On

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Swim! | Celtic Cast On

T started swimming lessons at the local pool last week. She is enjoying it so much, a regular little fish. The first day of  class it was pouring buckets out, I figured she wouldn`t want to get in but it didn`t fizz her a bit, she loved every minute.  There are lots of fun toys to play with and a good amount of  people watching too.  We bought a little blow up pool to have… Read More »Swim! | Celtic Cast On

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4 months | Celtic Cast On

Can you believe my baby is 4 months old already?? So much has happened between two to four months I don’t even know were to start… Lets see: She enjoys  bathtime now and is learning how to splash Tummy time is no longer a battle, she enjoys leaning on her forearms to look at the dogs The jumperoo is one of her daily activities that she LOVES, she can’t wait to   jump… Read More »4 months | Celtic Cast On

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Monsta | Celtic Cast On

Pattern:Penelope by Danger Crafts Yarn: Cascade 220 wool and Patons Classic Merino Needles: 5.5mm circs Start Date: May 22nd 2009 Finish Date: August 26th 2009 As soon as I saw Grace’s version of Penelope I knew I had to knit one for Tadpole.  I could just picture Penelope being trailed from one place to the next in a little chubby hand, chewed on, hugged, and loved for a very long time.… Read More »Monsta | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Ravelympics Day 4

Its day 4 of the Ravelympics and everyone that is participating is well on their way to obtaining a gold medal. I knew I wanted to participate this year but there was no way knitting a sweater would be an obtainable goal for me to meet with Tadpole in the picture. I him’d and ha’ed over what project to cast on for, I really wanted to start an Ishbel but… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Ravelympics Day 4