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2011 In Review | Celtic Cast On

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7 adult garments
6 T sized garments
3 pairs of socks
4 toys
3 hats
2 shawls
1 infinity cowl

Phew! Not too shabby!

There is one knit in the mosiac you haven’t seen yet. I just put up a teaser shot for now but it will be released sometime this month. Any guesses which one it is?

I ended up frogging Emelie. I just had the sleeves left to do but wasn’t feeling it so I frogged and will most likely re knit in the future.

The socks I still haven’t decided on so I’ve moved them to live with the stash for now. They may or may not resurrect themselves in the future.

This year I am resolving to KNIT WHAT I WANT! I’m not joining 12 sweaters in 2012….. although I’d like to…. I’m not going to hold myself to any crazy feats. I’m going to knit what I want to knit when I want to knit it.

Here’s to a great 2012!