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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Ravelympics Day 4

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Its day 4 of the Ravelympics and everyone that is participating is well on their way to obtaining a gold medal. I knew I wanted to participate this year but there was no way knitting a sweater would be an obtainable goal for me to meet with Tadpole in the picture.

I him’d and ha’ed over what project to cast on for, I really wanted to start an Ishbel but lace knitting isn’t something I can stop mid row when Tad wakes up from a nap and I really just didn`t want to have to deal with lace  for my Olympic knit. I wondered if I wouldn’t be better to finish up some WIP’s  but that really didn`t seem very exciting, I needed something fresh that I would enjoy knitting. In the end I decided to go with a little bit of fun AND  a WIP.

I`ll be knitting the basic sock monkey I blogged about last fall. Since Tad came along knit toys have been calling out to me at every turn, I want to make them all right now but I know I must pace myself, she has many years of toy playing ahead of her.

I`m making good strides being almost halfway through the body of the monkey. This little guy doesn`t look so little beside T, by the look of his legs he`s going to be the same size as her.

Just in case the sock monkey went incredibly fast I added my mojo socks that I started back in December as a WIP.

Somewhere along the way I lost my momentum with them and they`ve been sitting in their bag ever since. I know once I pick them back up they`ll be finished in no time, those colours alone are enough to keep me going.

What are your goals for the  Ravelympic??