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Growing Up

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Frosty Acorn | Celtic Cast On

I recently finished a test knit for Suvi of Suvi Knits. I haven’t tested anything in a while and I honestly don’t really do testing anymore but when I saw Suvi’s sample I just knew that I wanted to knit it. It may have helped that I had the perfect yarn in my stash too. I knit this with: Yarn:  Schoeller and Stahl Fortissima Alpaka in colours 3011 and 3009 Needles:… Read More »Frosty Acorn | Celtic Cast On

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Organic Cones | Celtic Cast On

So I’m tackling boxes like a champ and getting through things but as you work your mind wanders….that is if you aren’t being asked to read a book, watch a bike show or chase someone. My thoughts are wandering to my most recent FO. Pattern:Indigo Cones by Aileen Ryder Yarn: Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton DK Mods: I added one extra chart repeat on the body and I didn’t turn up… Read More »Organic Cones | Celtic Cast On

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Tiny Dancer | Celtic Cast On

Growing up dance was my passion, I took class twice a week and attended many festivals and competitions. From the moment I woke up my feet were tapping and I danced anywhere and everywhere. I spent many hours in our living room practicing routines or making up my own to music. Of course when T arrived and was a girl it was my hope that I might have passed on… Read More »Tiny Dancer | Celtic Cast On


Farrah | Celtic Cast On

Finally!! Farrah is finished ! Pattern:Farrah from Berroco Glint #306 Yarn: Berroco Glint Colour 2901 Goddess 7 balls Mods: no mods other than to add one row to the neckline with a couple of decreases so it wasn’t so wide. The only issue I had with the pattern, and I wouldn’t really say its an issue but I used 2 balls less than what was set for mum’s size. It… Read More »Farrah | Celtic Cast On

Yarn Along | Celtic Cast On

Excited to join Yarn Along today and tell you about a book I just couldn’t put down! I read Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim in two days. I stayed up waaaay too late the first night and then finished it off during nap time the following day.  Set in the 1800’s on a Cotton Plantation the story is told in the eyes of  Mattie a slave who has to leave… Read More »Yarn Along | Celtic Cast On

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Sliding | Celtic Cast On

We were supposed to get a big storm yesterday… everything was cancelled…. but our 10-15 cms of snow only amounted to a few inches in the end with lots of freezing rain. I was excited at the prospect of actually HAVING some snow this winter that didn’t end up getting washed away by rain the very next day but again luck wasn’t going to go my way. Freezing rain however… Read More »Sliding | Celtic Cast On

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Rossbeg | Celtic Cast On

Pattern: Rossbeg from Contemporary Irish Knits Yarn: Tahki Donegal Tweed I finished Rossbeg a few weeks ago. I opted to knit the size 3 as T is going through a growth spurt right now and I wanted it to fit for longer than two seconds. I also opted for 3 buttons at the top of the cardigan instead of buttons all the way down the button band. I definitely prefer… Read More »Rossbeg | Celtic Cast On

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Garden | Celtic Cast On

I have unsuccessfully tried to garden before…. mind you it wasn’t really a garden. We tried to plant pumpkins and corn *I think* in a pile of rocks…. really it was a terrible place to put a garden at our first house. Live and learn I guess. I decided this year was going to be the year, and I was going to do it RIGHT! First I decided where I… Read More »Garden | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » One Sock Two Sock

I’ve been working away on my mystery socks. Time is definitely a ticking and I’m unsure at this point whether I’m going to make the June 30th cut off. One sock is complete and the other is in the works…. I was trucking right along until last night when I picked up my sock and realized I had  skipped the cuff altogether and started off with the leg chart. *groan*… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » One Sock Two Sock