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Yarn Along | Celtic Cast On

Excited to join Yarn Along today and tell you about a book I just couldn’t put down!

I read Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim in two days. I stayed up waaaay too late the first night and then finished it off during nap time the following day.

 Set in the 1800’s on a Cotton Plantation the story is told in the eyes of  Mattie a slave who has to leave her own baby to become a wet nurse for the plantation owners newborn daughter Elizabeth.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night Mattie watches the Quarters, as her family goes about  their day hoping to get a glimpse of her son from the nursery window. While Mattie misses her son, her affection for Elizabeth is growing day by day as is Elizabeth’s for Mattie.

A wonderfully written yet heart wretching story of the lives of slaves and the sacrifices they were forced to make. How, for lack of a better word, “idiotic”  plantation owners were thinking they were doing the slaves a favour……and a  special bond that would change Elizabeth’s life, opened her eyes to many wrong doing’s and would ultimately impact the woman she would become.

Beautifully written, a definite page turner and my favourite book so far this year!

*I must also note this is the author’s FIRST book! Excited to see what’s next for Ibrahim.


I’ve been culling the herd of WIP’s this week. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with how many projects I had on the go and wanted to try and bring it back down to a manageable number before we set off this weekend.

This is a cardigan I started for T in early February.  I didn’t get very far into it before it languished in my basket  as 20 sweaters were all screaming at me to be knit RIGHT NOW!

The pattern is from a baby booklet I got free with a Let’s Knit magazine Moose came home with while we were in Ireland last. There don’t seem to be any pictures of the pattern online so you’ll have to wait a little while longer before you can get a glimpse of it. It is a BABY book but the sizes on this pattern went  up to 2 years. The measurements seemed like it would fit T if I added some overall length so fingers crossed it comes out ok.

I’m kicking myself for not knitting this in the round. If I do knit it again I will definitely take the time to do that because the finishing on this baby is brutal!!! It’s taking just as much time to sew it all up as it did to knit!!

Hopefully it’s worth it!