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Fingerless mitts


New mouse in the house! | Celtic Cast On

So there’s a new mouse in the house…. we call him Mr. Indestructable and no he’s not in the wall. He’s stuffed! With catnip and he’s Socks NEW favourite toy! If you’ll remember he recieved Mr. Mouse from Thomas and Amy a while back but she chewed the eyes off him, making him blind Mr.Mouse. She still likes to chuck him about though, eyes or no eyes Taking into concideration… Read More »New mouse in the house! | Celtic Cast On


Ahhhhhh! | Celtic Cast On

8:15am Ahhhhh *stretch* day off with my Moose on a lovely spring day… *looks out window* GASP!!! LOVELY SPRING DAY!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LOVELY SPRING DAY???? That would be a couple of inches of snow that fell last night POOEY! When are we going to get spring like everyone else?? ***Mum I am sooooo sick of this snow…. when can I get outside and rub my head on that… Read More »Ahhhhhh! | Celtic Cast On

Done and Done! | Celtic Cast On

The house is sold! One open house and 24 hrs later its done. Well sir that was definately quicker than I was thinking but I’m glad its over and done with. Our closing date is June 1st so the hunt is on to find land or/and a house by that time. Driving home from work the other night I was feeling really sad to be leaving it. Even though the… Read More »Done and Done! | Celtic Cast On

May need a place to sleep | Celtic Cast On

I am waaaaay overdue for another post I know I know. Things lately have just been sooooo… I don’t even know the word to describe it. I’m flat out tired but I can’t sleep, I’m getting restless with my current knitting project but know I must continue and finish it asap even though I’m longing to finish one of my sweaters and knit socks! Our house is finally finished and… Read More »May need a place to sleep | Celtic Cast On

Busy bee’s | Celtic Cast On

I swear every time I write I post I pledge to post more often but this past little while has just been crazy. About 2 inches of ribbing has been knit, thats it two measley inches. On a good note though all the house reno’s are now COMPLETE!!!  *dances around to ole ole theme* Complete, complete, complete ,complete! Our agent was here today and we’ve signed the contract, the house… Read More »Busy bee’s | Celtic Cast On

Withdrawal symptoms! | Celtic Cast On

It was a rough ole weekend!! My computer died, not just an “oh I need to be repaired death”, nope an all out CAPUT I’M DEAD DEATH!!! Well ya know that all my pictures are still on the hard drive that no longer works! Luckly while getting a new computer Moose was able to find out that we can get our pics off with some gizmo of sorts. He’s gonna take to work… Read More »Withdrawal symptoms! | Celtic Cast On

Feeling Discombobulated | Celtic Cast On

 Gah!!! When will the reno’s be done???? It seems like its never ending. The basement is now complete and we’ve moved to the upstairs. Tuesday morning was spent tearing apart the spare room, lugging all the furniture from our bedroom to the spare and then ripping up the floor in there. Have a look at what we found under the carpet in the spare room!!   Do you see all… Read More »Feeling Discombobulated | Celtic Cast On

Date Day! | Celtic Cast On

Thank you for all your comments on my new home. I think i’m getting into the groove of things although I still have a few things I need to figure out!If anyone uses flickr to upload your pictures can you please fill me in on to add more than one picture to a post??? I know there has to be a way but can’t for the life of me figure… Read More »Date Day! | Celtic Cast On

New Home!! | Celtic Cast On

* What???? Sunday’s a day of rest!!!!!!* ~Sockies~ Welcome everyone to my new home! Grab a cup of tea and make yourself cozy! As you can see I’m bare bones at the minute but over time i’ll be adding things here and there. I would like to give a massive thanks to Dave!!! Without him my new home would be non existant! Dave thanks for putting up with my incessant… Read More »New Home!! | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Ravelympics Day 4

Its day 4 of the Ravelympics and everyone that is participating is well on their way to obtaining a gold medal. I knew I wanted to participate this year but there was no way knitting a sweater would be an obtainable goal for me to meet with Tadpole in the picture. I him’d and ha’ed over what project to cast on for, I really wanted to start an Ishbel but… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Ravelympics Day 4