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May need a place to sleep | Celtic Cast On

I am waaaaay overdue for another post I know I know. Things lately have just been sooooo… I don’t even know the word to describe it. I’m flat out tired but I can’t sleep, I’m getting restless with my current knitting project but know I must continue and finish it asap even though I’m longing to finish one of my sweaters and knit socks! Our house is finally finished and on the market and the land we want is sold……… WHYYYY WHHHHYYY ME!!!  I’m sure God has his reasons but I really wanted that land! Even my mum said last night  ” I really wanted you to get that land”

So we are back to square one, the search for land. Yesterday, during the open house I had two hours to kill so I grabbed a Cream Egg McFlurry *yummmm* and headed out to find us some land. I drove all around kingdom come, not even knowing where I was half the time, saw the farm I would buy in a second if it went up for sale, but found no land There is a place we want to go see this week but because we are on opposite shifts this week we have to wait until the middle of the week to go see it. On a good note the open house went well. We had two offers, we have countered on one and will know tonight at 5 whether we’ll be sleeping in a ditch soon or not Only time will tell.

Knitting has been gaaaaa annoying to put it nicely. I’m knitting away on the shawl…well its more like a stole I suppose. Its coming along but I just want it to be done, it seems to be taking forever and all I really want to do is knit socks. I know however that I must get the stole done asap. She’s having her brain surgery today and then they also found a tumor on her lung so they will be doing radation on that in a week or so. I did get my last skein for my Kolsva sweater and I’m egarly awaiting the time when I can finish it up and wear it. Hopefully that will be before it gets too nice out.


I leave you with a sad puppy dog face from Rocco as we all left the inlaws to go home after my BIL’s birthday!