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Feeling Discombobulated | Celtic Cast On

 Gah!!! When will the reno’s be done???? It seems like its never ending. The basement is now complete and we’ve moved to the upstairs. Tuesday morning was spent tearing apart the spare room, lugging all the furniture from our bedroom to the spare and then ripping up the floor in there. Have a look at what we found under the carpet in the spare room!!


Do you see all the brown stuff on the floor??? That’s dust/dirt believe it or not. I had to shop vac the floor the piles I swept up were that huge. I can only imagine what was in the carpet YUCK!!! Moose has been trucking along on the hardwood, with only a few more strips to put down in our room. I’ll be glad when I can find a clean pair of socks in all this mess!

I’ve been trying to post for days about my knitting during my second week of vacation and I’m finally able to get all the pics in one post. First off we have the squares I knit for the blanket of hope. The patterns don’t show up well in photo’s but we have at the top a Wavy Welt square. I used this dishcloth pattern. Underneath that we have the ballband dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting and to the side is one my mum knit in a double moss stitch.

Secondly is my Kolsva sweater. This sweater was a joy to knit! I’m working on the sleeve caps at the moment but need to order another skein of yarn to finish the cowl. The pattern shows 3 quarter length sleeves but I decided to knit them at full length because I’m ALWAYS freezing especially in winter so I like to be fully covered. I have the front and back blocking at the moment. When I get some time I’m gonna learn how to PROPERLY seam a sweater and then add the sleeves.

I started the Central Park Hoodie when I got back. I ordered the yarn just before we left from Webs closeout yarns. Its Skye Tweed in an awesome burnt orange colour. I’m nearing the end of sleeve two.

So obviously I’ve fallen off the wagon for not knitting more than one pattern at once. I can’t help it and the urge to start more is becoming stronger and stronger every day. I’ve gone ahead and ordered this with some birthday money. I’m crazy about the ripple blankets that are showing up everywhere. I’ll be joining the ripple along once I get the book in my hands. Check out Posie’s!! Then there are also Monkies that are calling and what legs could resist THESE!!!