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Date Day! | Celtic Cast On

Thank you for all your comments on my new home. I think i’m getting into the groove of things although I still have a few things I need to figure out!

If anyone uses flickr to upload your pictures can you please fill me in on to add more than one picture to a post??? I know there has to be a way but can’t for the life of me figure it out!

This afternoon I had a knitting date with Heidi. Turns out it was both our very first “knit date” awwwww

We met at The Infusion ,which i’ve mentioned before, and had a great time chatting, knitting and drinking tea….. well at least I did, I hope she did too

The above is a candid shot of Heidi working on one of her fantastic felted bags.

I was home only an hour or two and then off I went again, this time for a movie date with my Moose. We went to see The Number 23… different and interesting movie.

To top the night off we grabbed a Tim’s on the way home yummmmm Tim’s!!!!

Now if only every day were like this!