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Woodstove Season | Celtic Cast On

Luvin The Mommyhood’s Summer Sweater KAL has come to an end.  I didn’t manage to get the sleeves on my lace cardigan finished on time but I did complete this beauty! Woodstove Season by Alicia Plummer is due to be released mid October. I was super excited to test knit this one and even more excited with the finished product! This cosy cardigan  knits up quickly on 5mm needles and… Read More »Woodstove Season | Celtic Cast On

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Preschool | Celtic Cast On

Today my not quite 3 year old started Preschool. Although sometimes shy T takes after Moose by having a very laid back attitude and had no problem marching right up to those doors like she’d done it every day for the last year. A stop for a quick picture and then it was down to business….. She made a bee line for the cars of course! I’m excited to see her… Read More »Preschool | Celtic Cast On


Chuck | Celtic Cast On

It’s that time of the week again… and I have a finished sweater!! Meet Chuck, my test for Andi of Untangling Knots. Knit with Cascade 220 in THE perfect shade of red #9552. I love cropped sweaters, they truly look fantastic with day/tea dresses so when I found this dress in Portland on the way to Ireland I knew it had to be mine. It was a tad big at… Read More »Chuck | Celtic Cast On

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Ice Cream | Celtic Cast On

We took T to the park recently for some play time. She enjoyed the swings, the slides, but most of all… we enjoyed some much needed time with Daddy!  On the way home we stopped at our favourite Ice Cream Shop! Moose and I have been frequent visitors to Sully’s for years. In fact way back when we first met and were dating we always went to Sully’s. It’s set… Read More »Ice Cream | Celtic Cast On

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Weekend | Celtic Cast On

What a great weekend! I finished THREE knits!  It feels so great to have some needles cleared off, but I still have a few projects left to go before I will be satisfied with the current state of my WIP’s! I had my first REAL smore! Enjoyed toasted marshmallow’s and hanging with visiting cousins. Of course there was fun on the 4 wheeler, and playing around with sparklers too! But… Read More »Weekend | Celtic Cast On