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Woodstove Season | Celtic Cast On

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Luvin The Mommyhood’s Summer Sweater KAL has come to an end.

 I didn’t manage to get the sleeves on my lace cardigan finished on time but I did complete this beauty!

Woodstove Season by Alicia Plummer is due to be released mid October.

I was super excited to test knit this one and even more excited with the finished product!

This cosy cardigan  knits up quickly on 5mm needles and is a stunning addition to my Autumn wardrobe. I’m glad I chose brown Cascade 220 for this because it will just go with so many things! I have already been wearing it for the past two days and I just know I’m going to wear this one right out and have to make another.

My Rav Project page

Those chevron pockets are such a cute addition and really tie the knit together with that beautiful chevron back.

I made absolutely no mods to this knit, didn’t even have to add length on the sleeves or body, love that!

When I see pictures of the back of this cardigan it makes me want to walk backwards everyday so everyone can see it. hehe

That or I may just have to do a few twirls mid sentence!

My buttons are ones I purchased a few years ago from Beadic on Etsy. I’m so glad I was able to find the perfect knit to adorn them on. Beadic doesn’t seem to have anything in her shop at the moment so I’m not sure if she is still in business or not but if she is I will definitely be putting in another order. Her buttons are delicious!

I have been wanting to knit myself a cardigan to go with this dress for quite some time.

It’s a very light dress but paired with tights and this cardigan I will now be able to wear it year round, love outfits like that!