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Day 20 – Finishing | Celtic Cast On

Day 20 – Finishing A Month Of Craft Photo`s Blocking has become a family affair! T enjoys putting the pins in with me, although her`s are usually a clump in one spot…. This is  blocking board Moose made for me. It`s nothing fancy, some code board, a wooden edge along the top and two eye hooks so that I can hang it from the ceiling. I was a bit skeptical… Read More »Day 20 – Finishing | Celtic Cast On

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Day 19 – Supplies | Celtic Cast On

Day 19 – Supplies A month of Craft Photo’s Winding supplies for my next projects…. Maybe something out of the books from yesterday??? Maybe something completely different! You’ll have to wait and see!

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Day 18 – Craft Books | Celtic Cast On

Day 18 – Craft Books I don’t have a lot of craft books among my shelves.I got rid of many last summer as I just didn’t seem to use them. I did keep some favourites though and right now I’m contemplating a pattern from each of these books. Love them both!

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Day 9 – Your Hands | Celtic Cast On

Day 9 – Your Hands A Month Of Craft Photo’s This one’s for Susan who wanted to see how I position my hands when I knit. It’s always interesting to me how people hold yarn and needles when they knit. My hands seem to mirror each other when I hold the needles with the exception of  my index finger on my right hand that tension’s the yarn. My hands are… Read More »Day 9 – Your Hands | Celtic Cast On

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Sliding | Celtic Cast On

We were supposed to get a big storm yesterday… everything was cancelled…. but our 10-15 cms of snow only amounted to a few inches in the end with lots of freezing rain. I was excited at the prospect of actually HAVING some snow this winter that didn’t end up getting washed away by rain the very next day but again luck wasn’t going to go my way. Freezing rain however… Read More »Sliding | Celtic Cast On

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Yarn Along 15 | Celtic Cast On

Thank you for all the great suggestions you left in the comments of  the last yarn along. I’ve been checking things out adding to my GoodReads *to read* section and sourcing out some great audio books. I think I’m set for a while but I will definitely be putting the question out again when I’m ready for more. Joining Ginny this week for another Yarn Along. Reading : I recently… Read More »Yarn Along 15 | Celtic Cast On

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Courtenay Reworked | Celtic Cast On

You may remember a few months ago I test knit Courtenay for my sweet friend Preeti Well I ended up gifting Courtenay in a Yankee Swap we had for a christmas party with my knitting group. It’s always so nerve racking when you gift a knit like this hoping that the recipient who ends up with it will like it.  Michelle liked it so much she traded for it!!  There was of course… Read More »Courtenay Reworked | Celtic Cast On

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Classic Raglan | Celtic Cast On

This sweater is the epitome of comfy! Pattern:Classic Raglan Sweater by Jane Richmond Yarn:Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in Nature’s Brown Mods: I did have to lengthen everything to fit my long torso but other than that the numbers worked out great for me. The Fisherman’s Wool was great to work with, I love a good, warm workhorse yarn and this one fit the bill perfectly.  The colourway, Nature’s Brown is… Read More »Classic Raglan | Celtic Cast On

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Cabled Canuck | Celtic Cast On

It’s all Tanis’ fault! I needed to take a small break from all those twisted stitches on the Sailing Sweater and I had a couple hours drive that needed to be occupied with a simple knit. Tanis released a hat pattern called Cabled Canuck before christmas and its all I could think about. This drive was the perfect opportunity to whip it up AND satisfy my need for something a little… Read More »Cabled Canuck | Celtic Cast On