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Courtenay Reworked | Celtic Cast On

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You may remember a few months ago I test knit Courtenay for my sweet friend Preeti

Well I ended up gifting Courtenay in a Yankee Swap we had for a christmas party with my knitting group. It’s always so nerve racking when you gift a knit like this hoping that the recipient who ends up with it will like it.

 Michelle liked it so much she traded for it!!  There was of course  one *small* problem…. the hat which fit on my head just wasn’t big enough for Michelle so I told her no problem I’d frog back and add an extra repeat.

Yarn arrived for Sailing and I really needed to hunker down and get it done so the adjustment was put off for a bit. Then I ran out of yarn for Sailing and I had to wait for more to arrive so I pulled the hat out and added some length and volia!

Courtenay Reworked

I’m hoping this works for her, that extra repeat really made a difference.