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Yarn Along 15 | Celtic Cast On

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Thank you for all the great suggestions you left in the comments of  the last yarn along. I’ve been checking things out adding to my GoodReads *to read* section and sourcing out some great audio books. I think I’m set for a while but I will definitely be putting the question out again when I’m ready for more.

Joining Ginny this week for another Yarn Along.

Reading : I recently became aware of a book called Creating Myself by Mia Tyler….. actually I must back up. I recently became aware that Steven Tyler had another daughter lol well he has 3 daughters and a son so I learned that too. Anyway the book is written by Tyler’s second daughter Mia as she decribes her life  living with her mom, who was left to care for their daughter while Steven toured around doing the Aerosmith thing. It is an honest account of what Mia went through, with her mum, life mostly without her dad and all the other things in between.

I did also finish Water for Elephants and I can honestly say I wasn’t too thrilled with it. The animal abuse kind of turned me off the book and didn’t really allow me to enjoy it. I won’t be watching the movie.

Knitting: I cast on Tanis’ newest pattern Terracotta when I finished Classic Raglan. I adore turtlenecks and live in them from the moment it gets cold enough until I can stand the blazing sun no longer. I usually have quite a few turtlenecks in my wardrobe but this winter I have discovered several that are looking a bit worse for wear. I knew it was time to knit one but I was still trying to decide between a few in my queue. Then Tanis releases a new pattern and its that comfy turtleneck I’ve been looking for. I’m knitting this with some stash yarn *you will be seeing a lot of stash getting used up this year, I’m also keeping track of my yardage in and out, more on that later* Jo Sharp dk pure wool in Aubergine. I had originally had this ear marked for an Audrey in Unst but I’m really feeling sweaters more than cardi’s right now so its best to use it up and find something else for Unst. Terracotta is knit for the bottom up so I’m choosing to start with the sleeves since they are what usually slow me down. I figure if I start with the sleeves while I’m all excited and fired up about the project I’ll probably get it finished faster…and I did manage to squeak out a sleeve already.

So tell me, what are you reading? Do you have a project on the go or waiting in the wings that you’re fired up about?