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Puzzling | Celtic Cast On

T looooves puzzles! She was very excited to receive this 7 foot long one from my brother on christmas eve.Instead of opening presents on christmas morning we put together her puzzle. This was another one that Grammy gave her. It’s called a Puzzle Ball, is made of hard plastic and is very neat to put together. She enjoyed finding each vignette and then popping them into place. I love that she loves… Read More »Puzzling | Celtic Cast On

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Merry Christmas! | Celtic Cast On

Merry Christmas to you all from up on The Ridge! May you have a magical time filled with family and friends. Looks like we are going to have a White Christmas after all.

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Sailing | Celtic Cast On

My current wip is a sample knit for Yarn Mountain The pattern is called the Men’s Sailing Sweater from the Zealana Adventurous Booklet. The yarn is Zealana Heron, its a new zealand wool/possum blend and so far it has been nice and soft  to knit with.  I’m knitting a M/L and have come to realize this will be the largest sweater I have ever made. Moose has his Cobblestone of… Read More »Sailing | Celtic Cast On

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AHEMMMM! | Celtic Cast On

Molly wanted to let you all know its SNOWING!!!! To those of you that have been griping about NOT having snow *cough cough* MONIKA! You are welcome to come play in my yard. It started to snow this morning on our walk round the loop and it’s still coming down. The forecast shows rain for this afternoon but I’m hoping that it will continue to snow for us where we… Read More »AHEMMMM! | Celtic Cast On

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Rossbeg | Celtic Cast On

Pattern: Rossbeg from Contemporary Irish Knits Yarn: Tahki Donegal Tweed I finished Rossbeg a few weeks ago. I opted to knit the size 3 as T is going through a growth spurt right now and I wanted it to fit for longer than two seconds. I also opted for 3 buttons at the top of the cardigan instead of buttons all the way down the button band. I definitely prefer… Read More »Rossbeg | Celtic Cast On

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Vesuvius | Celtic Cast On

Another test I did for Carol‘s Scrumptious Knits Booklet This is Vesuvius A drop stitch eternity cowl that leaves you wanting to knit “just one more row!” My version is knit with Rowan Felted Tweed dk left over from Manu. I really think the tweed makes this simplistic design pop, I’m sure you’ve got a skein of something special around that would really be great for this pattern. I forgot… Read More »Vesuvius | Celtic Cast On