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Pasture | Celtic Cast On

Almost a month ago we seeded the pasture…. Not a very exciting picture for most but this picture represents all our hard work over the past months coming to life. We cleared treed land, dug it all up, tilled, picked rocks, limed, seeded…. all with only the hope that this would work. After each step was completed we still didn’t feel any farther ahead, it still just looked like a… Read More »Pasture | Celtic Cast On


The Kniterati’s | Celtic Cast On

Today was a wonderful knitterly day! This morning I met up with some wonderful local knitters to drink tea, knit and talk all things yarny! From left to right Areli aka KnittyPants, Kim and of course Heidi. Check out A’s rocking socks, I adore her shoes!!! Kim was sporting a lovely hand knit scarf and socks while Heidi had on her yummy Noro scarf. What was I wearing???? NOTHING knit!!!… Read More »The Kniterati’s | Celtic Cast On


In the nick of time… | Celtic Cast On

I finished clue 3 of my Through the Loops Mystery Socks last night. Just in time for the 4th clue to be released today. Phew! Hopefully i’ll be able to stay on top of things until the end. I put my partially finished socks on the blockers so I could take some pictures and discovered this….. What the deuce???? How the heck did I manage to screw the pattern up… Read More »In the nick of time… | Celtic Cast On

Knitting Through The Loops | Celtic Cast On

It is time! Although I’m not done showing my finished knits I think its time to show some works in progress otherwise those will just turn into FO’s as well and the cycle will continue. I’ve cast on for a few things and lately i’m having to keep myself calm enough not to cast on for more, its knitters ADD and I caught it from Heidi!!! Everytime I talk to that… Read More »Knitting Through The Loops | Celtic Cast On


Officially a Farmer | Celtic Cast On

So yesterday marked a day…. the day Moose and I officially became farmers!! This is the pasture! We’ve be working on it for months now. See before it was pasture it was tree’d ferny land that we morphed into pasture. From clearing the land and picking rocks…….. picking rocks over 2 and a half acres I might add TWICE!!! Tilling, disc harrowing, are you getting the picture yet?? Yesterday was… Read More »Officially a Farmer | Celtic Cast On