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In the nick of time… | Celtic Cast On


I finished clue 3 of my Through the Loops Mystery Socks last night. Just in time for the 4th clue to be released today. Phew! Hopefully i’ll be able to stay on top of things until the end. I put my partially finished socks on the blockers so I could take some pictures and discovered this…..


What the deuce???? How the heck did I manage to screw the pattern up so badly when I was following it to a T???

A mild heart attack and a turn of the sock to the RIGHT position and…. heart attack over!!! PHEW!!!


Clue 4 is up and its more lace and cable patterning…. Here’s hoping I can get them done by the time the final clue comes out next wednesday!!!


Sikkim just has a few ends to weave in, a good blocking and it will be set for a photo shoot. I haven’t even tried the hat on yet but I love it. I hope it looks as good on as it does while knitting it. I’m already dreaming of another one in different colours….. maybe I should try it on first before I get ahead of myself!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some weaving to do!