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Aidez KAL | Celtic Cast On

It’s that one sweater I have loved since the moment it was published. I knew I must knit it and I even bought the yarn……. but STILL it is yet to knit it. I fell in love with the gorgeous back panel of cables, Aidez by Cirillia Rose The horse shoe cables that flow down the sleeves, and of course that all over comfy, I want to curl up in… Read More »Aidez KAL | Celtic Cast On

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Chalkstone | Celtic Cast On

Things have been super busy around here and it seems like I only have time to post and go as of late. Hopefully things will settle down in a bit and I can post some of the other things I’ve been meaning to chat about but until then how about another KAL update. I finished Chalkstone! Pattern: Test knit of  Chalkstone by Isabell Kraemer  Yarn: Rowan Calmer colour # 487… Read More »Chalkstone | Celtic Cast On


Farrah | Celtic Cast On

Finally!! Farrah is finished ! Pattern:Farrah from Berroco Glint #306 Yarn: Berroco Glint Colour 2901 Goddess 7 balls Mods: no mods other than to add one row to the neckline with a couple of decreases so it wasn’t so wide. The only issue I had with the pattern, and I wouldn’t really say its an issue but I used 2 balls less than what was set for mum’s size. It… Read More »Farrah | Celtic Cast On

Chugga Chug | Celtic Cast On

Its been a while since I’ve picked up a book around here but this week I was in the mood for an audiobook to listen to while I worked on they sleeves of Chalkstone. They are plain stockinette and the perfect companion to an audio book. I chose The Knife Of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. I knew nothing about it other than A Playful Day Podcast was reading… Read More »Chugga Chug | Celtic Cast On

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Gall Dang! | Celtic Cast On

Another week has rolled by again….. I don’t know where the time is going, this summer is flying by. I have a confession.. last wednesday instead of knitting away I was actually having an organ removed! Sounds a lot worse than it is but really last wednesday I was in surgery having my Gallbladder removed. Since we were in Ireland 5 months ago I began having back pain, I thought it… Read More »Gall Dang! | Celtic Cast On