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Organic Cones | Celtic Cast On

So I’m tackling boxes like a champ and getting through things but as you work your mind wanders….that is if you aren’t being asked to read a book, watch a bike show or chase someone. My thoughts are wandering to my most recent FO. Pattern:Indigo Cones by Aileen Ryder Yarn: Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton DK Mods: I added one extra chart repeat on the body and I didn’t turn up… Read More »Organic Cones | Celtic Cast On

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Ice Cold | Celtic Cast On

January was bitterly cold, wool hats, helmet liners, snowpants, nothing seemed to keep you warm. I had finally accepted the fact that I was going to be cold when I was outside and I’d just have to suck it up and get warm when I came back in.  I cast my wellies aside in SEPTEMBER because my feet were too cold and I needed my winter boots to keep  my wee… Read More »Ice Cold | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Harlot in Hali!

So Tuesday was the big day! Moose and I headed off to Halifax to see the Harlot. We stopped off in Moncton for some lunch on the way at our favourite restaurant. After we completely stuffed ourselves silly (ohhh for some more pudding chomeur)  it was off for another 3 hour drive with lots of knitting. I knit most of the way till Moose got sleepy and we traded. Here’s what… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Harlot in Hali!

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Celtic Cast On » Dogs, Yarn and Vacation!!!

Where IS the summer going??? Its August already???  The only reason I’m happy to see August is for VACATION!!!!! Since its only 2 weeks away I guess I should fill you all in on where we are off to. We’re taking two weeks and going on a half road trip half plane trip if you will. We’re driving to NJ to hang with the lovely Claudia, hubby and Bayou for… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Dogs, Yarn and Vacation!!!

Feeling Discombobulated | Celtic Cast On

 Gah!!! When will the reno’s be done???? It seems like its never ending. The basement is now complete and we’ve moved to the upstairs. Tuesday morning was spent tearing apart the spare room, lugging all the furniture from our bedroom to the spare and then ripping up the floor in there. Have a look at what we found under the carpet in the spare room!!   Do you see all… Read More »Feeling Discombobulated | Celtic Cast On