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Celtic Cast On » Harlot in Hali!

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So Tuesday was the big day! Moose and I headed off to Halifax to see the Harlot. We stopped off in Moncton for some lunch on the way at our favourite restaurant. After we completely stuffed ourselves silly (ohhh for some more pudding chomeur)  it was off for another 3 hour drive with lots of knitting. I knit most of the way till Moose got sleepy and we traded. Here’s what I was working on.


Upon arrival in Halifax we had time for a quick stop into the Loop where we met up with Jennifer.Jennifer is offically the first Knit Blogger I have ever met, I found it quite amusing that on Jennifer’s blog a few days ago she said the exact same thing about me. Hopefully it wasn’t a scary first knit blogger meeting for her  Here we are in the Lord Nelson Hotel


I did manage to buy a few things at the Loop before we headed on over to the Hotel for the Harlot’s Arrival. There was already a line up when we got there, although I failed to take any pictures of it. The best part though was Moose’s face, I could tell we we arrived that he totally DID NOT want to be there. He would rather have sunk into the carpet than be standing the in the lobby with a bunch of KNITTERS! Gotta love my Moose though cause he stuck to it and didn’t say a word about not wanting to be there, even though the front desk people were pointing at him. (right Jennifer) So we finally get in, The Harlot was fantastic!!! I didn’t really know what to expect or what she was going to say but it was all GREAT! We laughed, and laughed and laughed some more. It was then time for the book signed and I wanted to get my book signed but I didn’t want to go up there. I’d have to talk to the Harlot, what would I do???? what would I say???? what WOULD I say???? Ohhhh how I hate meeting new people and trying to converse, I really suck at conversations. Moose is usually my conversation starter but seeing how he was standing at the door like this


I was clearly on my own. When I finally got to meet her it went a little something like this.

Me: HI

Harlot: Hi and you are??

Me: Kelly

Harlot: K e l l y ??

Me: Yip

Me: *snaps pictures, mumbles something about knitting friends not being able to come and that my husband brought me said thanks and away I went*

How’s that for a great conversation……. DANG IT!!! Shyness SUCKS!!! I did get a great picture though.


There she is wearing her only bra and hair as good as it gets  hehehheh I love it!

I did see Deb, the famous published on Knitty Deb, that I once again was too shy to converse with but managed to say Yup when asked if I was Kelly. *hangs head in shame* Saw Lesley, and saw Allison but didn’t know it was her. There was one last pic before we had to leave of the NB Knitters representin’


Jennifer, myself and Mary

Back to secret knitting and 5 work days left till vacation!!!