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Celtic Cast On » Dogs, Yarn and Vacation!!!

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Where IS the summer going??? Its August already???  The only reason I’m happy to see August is for VACATION!!!!! Since its only 2 weeks away I guess I should fill you all in on where we are off to. We’re taking two weeks and going on a half road trip half plane trip if you will. We’re driving to NJ to hang with the lovely Claudia, hubby and Bayou for a few days. Then we’re flying from there to Kansas to visit Ms. Laura and her family for a bit. Then its back to NJ where we’ll drive to Amish Country PA for a visit that we are eagerly awaiting! Me thinks there will be lots of knitting going on this trip but frankly i’ll just be glad to be off work for two weeks and spend some time with Moose.

On the knitting front I’m still working away on special knit number two that I should be finished come monday. I still have a third I haven’t even cast on for and frankly I’m a little scared if I’m going to make it in time. Then all have to be done before we go away! AHHHHHHH two weeks two weeks!!

We got the new pattern for the Sockmania club. Its awfully yummy. Its called Spiralling Socks, it reminds me of the spiral boot knee highs I was planning to knit so I think these will become knee highs too. I probably won’t get started these till i’m on vacation.

Last weekend Toddy and Zoomer came over for a sleepover while their family was away. The had lots of fun playing outside and catching frisbee’s. We took them down to the bay where mum and dad are building their new house. They got to go swimming with Summy…. Summy on the other hand didn’t think much of Zoomer, as his name suggests he’s none stop zooming all the time. Summer’s not used to being around other dogs at all and so didn’t like Zoomer taking all her lime light hhhahah

image Toddy!

image Zoomer!