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Test knit

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Frosty Acorn | Celtic Cast On

I recently finished a test knit for Suvi of Suvi Knits. I haven’t tested anything in a while and I honestly don’t really do testing anymore but when I saw Suvi’s sample I just knew that I wanted to knit it. It may have helped that I had the perfect yarn in my stash too. I knit this with: Yarn:  Schoeller and Stahl Fortissima Alpaka in colours 3011 and 3009 Needles:… Read More »Frosty Acorn | Celtic Cast On

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FO: Antipodes and a giveaway | Celtic Cast On

The weekend seems to have turned into giveaway time! I don’t mind a bit and I’m sure you won’t either 😉 I recently finished a test knit for Libby of Truly Myrtle. I told myself I wasn’t going to test much anymore and when Libby asked me I said that I didn’t really have the time to test right now. She sent me back a picture of said test in… Read More »FO: Antipodes and a giveaway | Celtic Cast On

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Zig Zag Wings | Celtic Cast On

The winner of the What the heart wants giveaway is EMMA who wrote “Behind my back is my favourite, I could see me wearing that a lot. It looks a lovely collection. I am just off to add it to my rav favourites!” I’ll be contacting you shortly Emma to send you your ebook. Speaking of Justyna and her beautiful designs I recently finished a test knit for her. Pattern:Zig… Read More »Zig Zag Wings | Celtic Cast On

What the Heart Wants – Lete’s Knit Giveaway | Celtic Cast On

It’s the weekend and I’m ready to celebrate with another giveaway! Are you in? The lovely Justyna from Lete’s Knits recently released a beautiful collection called What the Heart Wants part of the Malabrigo Freelance Project I have watched Justyna grow so much as a designer in such a short period of time. I can still remember her first hat and cowl pattern that caught my eye and led me… Read More »What the Heart Wants – Lete’s Knit Giveaway | Celtic Cast On

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Lady Sunnyside | Celtic Cast On

What better to way to forget about the stresses of moving for a while? A test knit of course! *Note: Planning an outfit for said photoshoot kind of slipped my mind when I packed 99.9% of my clothes in boxes…… Also packing the iron that I NEVER use was not in my best interest because of course I ended up needing it…* Needless to say I think I did well… Read More »Lady Sunnyside | Celtic Cast On

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Knit Knit Knit | Celtic Cast On

I think I misplaced  my blogging mojo some where in the last month but I think I’ve finally found it again. Things have been kind of busy and the time I had to myself I really wanted to knit instead of blog but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. There’s lots to blog about and since this is a “knitting” blog we’ll start with that. I’ve… Read More »Knit Knit Knit | Celtic Cast On

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Pic of the week #3 – KNIT! | Celtic Cast On

T said KNIT today!!! She picked up my knitting and said KNIT!!! Ahhh it is a glorious day!The fact that she carries my project bag around, is constantly digging through my knitting basket, carries yarn around AND enjoys lying on it fills me with hope that there is a tiny knitter in the works! *She’s lying on my new WIP, a clever design I’m testing  for Lily! Can’t wait to… Read More »Pic of the week #3 – KNIT! | Celtic Cast On


The Kniterati’s | Celtic Cast On

Today was a wonderful knitterly day! This morning I met up with some wonderful local knitters to drink tea, knit and talk all things yarny! From left to right Areli aka KnittyPants, Kim and of course Heidi. Check out A’s rocking socks, I adore her shoes!!! Kim was sporting a lovely hand knit scarf and socks while Heidi had on her yummy Noro scarf. What was I wearing???? NOTHING knit!!!… Read More »The Kniterati’s | Celtic Cast On

Knitting Through The Loops | Celtic Cast On

It is time! Although I’m not done showing my finished knits I think its time to show some works in progress otherwise those will just turn into FO’s as well and the cycle will continue. I’ve cast on for a few things and lately i’m having to keep myself calm enough not to cast on for more, its knitters ADD and I caught it from Heidi!!! Everytime I talk to that… Read More »Knitting Through The Loops | Celtic Cast On