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Old FO’s

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FO: Framed Slouch | Celtic Cast On

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Rhinebeck NY for the Sheep and Wool Festival. It was amazing to actually be there and see some real knitting celebs *although I didn’t  see as many as I would have liked* I’ll talk more about Rhinebeck in another post but today I am all about an FO I wore there. I had big plans for all kinds of Rhinbeck sweaters… Read More »FO: Framed Slouch | Celtic Cast On

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FO – Low Tide | Celtic Cast On

Hello out there! Is there anyone left? It’s been quite some time since I have used the blog but for some reason I feel compelled today to share. There has been knitting albeit not the amount that I am used to but that’s ok, things change and we all just have to adjust with it. We went on a short little trip lately and I took something completely monotonous to… Read More »FO – Low Tide | Celtic Cast On

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FO: Snood | Celtic Cast On

Well hello!!!! Two snow days in a row means I have an FO and a blog post. How about that now? We experienced Blizzard Colbie yesterday as did much of the eastern America and Canada. It is still snowing here today with icy conditions so we’ve been extra lucky to have another snow day today too. Pattern: My own Yarn: Clifton Woolens Boucle Needles: 5.5 mm’s Ravelry project page A… Read More »FO: Snood | Celtic Cast On

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FO times 2! | Celtic Cast On

The shawl is finished and pictures were taken only an hr or two before mum showed up to take it on its merry way across the pond for Nanny’s bday. Pattern:Miss Bennett by Paulina Popiolek Yarn:Madelinetosh Pashmina in Esoteric  Needles: 4.5mm Mods: I knit 44 repeats on a larger size needle. I also added a few rows of garter to the edge of the shawl before binding off to avoid rolling. My… Read More »FO times 2! | Celtic Cast On

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FO: Antipodes and a giveaway | Celtic Cast On

The weekend seems to have turned into giveaway time! I don’t mind a bit and I’m sure you won’t either 😉 I recently finished a test knit for Libby of Truly Myrtle. I told myself I wasn’t going to test much anymore and when Libby asked me I said that I didn’t really have the time to test right now. She sent me back a picture of said test in… Read More »FO: Antipodes and a giveaway | Celtic Cast On

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FO: Groovy Socks | Celtic Cast On

Pattern:Groovy Socks by Caroline Hegwer Yarn:Knit Picks Felici in Building Blocks My Rav project page My Groovy socks were actually finished in December I could just not get the right lighting to snap some pics of these. Turns out my bro has tons of natural light at his house so I took advantage the last time we visited and got pics of a couple of pairs of socks. My Smokestack pics… Read More »FO: Groovy Socks | Celtic Cast On

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FO: Carolina Socks | Celtic Cast On

I finally got pictures of my finished Carolina Socks Taking self portraits of socks in ‘just the right light’ is incredibly hard and frustrating! After 3 weeks of trying this and that I finally caved and let Moose take these ones for me. Pattern:Carolina Socks by Monkey Toes Yarn:Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber Ewephoric Sock in the Wild Thing colourway. **This company is no longer in business but you can… Read More »FO: Carolina Socks | Celtic Cast On