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Wardrobe Overhaul | Celtic Cast On

It’s that time of year again when knitters start to dream of cosy sweaters and what they will knit this season to keep them toasty this winter. While packing up my closet I’ve been pondering what I want to knit and thinking long and hard about my current handknits. I have three favourites that I wear all the time,  Cattails by Melissa Schaschwary – This is a great three season… Read More »Wardrobe Overhaul | Celtic Cast On

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Lady Sunnyside | Celtic Cast On

What better to way to forget about the stresses of moving for a while? A test knit of course! *Note: Planning an outfit for said photoshoot kind of slipped my mind when I packed 99.9% of my clothes in boxes…… Also packing the iron that I NEVER use was not in my best interest because of course I ended up needing it…* Needless to say I think I did well… Read More »Lady Sunnyside | Celtic Cast On

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Organic Cones | Celtic Cast On

So I’m tackling boxes like a champ and getting through things but as you work your mind wanders….that is if you aren’t being asked to read a book, watch a bike show or chase someone. My thoughts are wandering to my most recent FO. Pattern:Indigo Cones by Aileen Ryder Yarn: Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton DK Mods: I added one extra chart repeat on the body and I didn’t turn up… Read More »Organic Cones | Celtic Cast On

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Pavilion Socks | Celtic Cast On

Pattern: Pavilion Mystery KAL by Rachel Coopey Yarn: Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat BFL in English Toffee I finished my Pavilion socks! I kind of lost momentum on the second sock and the foot seemed to take forever but I pushed through and finished them. It then took a while for me to get pictures… Mods: I knit these on 2.25mm’s instead of 2.5’s but when up a sock size and knit… Read More »Pavilion Socks | Celtic Cast On

And breathe….. | Celtic Cast On

Coming up for air… where has the last month or two gone?? They are clearing trees * read butchering forest, my snowshoe trail and this little Moosey’s home* across the road from us. Yesterday this poor discombobulated Moose was peering over our fence trying to figure out how to get in. I’m sure the poor lad didn’t know what was going on and was just trying to find safety. It… Read More »And breathe….. | Celtic Cast On