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Kitty Crack | Celtic Cast On

A few months ago Oiyi asked me to test knit her first toy pattern. I of course jumped at the chance and fell in love with this cute little kittypattern Mao is seamlessly knit from the top down and works up very quickly. He has a flat bottom and the cutest little i cord tail that sets him off. I only had one pair of  small safety eyes left  but… Read More »Kitty Crack | Celtic Cast On

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Garden | Celtic Cast On

I have unsuccessfully tried to garden before…. mind you it wasn’t really a garden. We tried to plant pumpkins and corn *I think* in a pile of rocks…. really it was a terrible place to put a garden at our first house. Live and learn I guess. I decided this year was going to be the year, and I was going to do it RIGHT! First I decided where I… Read More »Garden | Celtic Cast On

Book Review: The Promise of an Angel by Ruth Reid | Celtic Cast On

I recently had the opportunity to review the book, The Promise Of An Angel by Ruth Reid. I’ve read a lot of Amish Fiction in my time, my bookshelf upstairs is a testament to that so I knew what to expect before I began reading. This book however was quite different to the Amish Fiction I’m used to. The story was set in Michigan where usually Ohio or Pennsylvania are… Read More »Book Review: The Promise of an Angel by Ruth Reid | Celtic Cast On