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Rainbow Brite Socks | Celtic Cast On

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I started these socks with the intent to give Spring a big ole shove and hopefully appear somewhere on The Ridge. Well it worked!!! I will  have more about that later but for now lets talk about the socks!!

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Rainbow * They just brought out the new colours of Felici and Rainbow is back among them, get it now if you want it, its a big hit!*

Needles: 2.25mm circ

Pattern: My own toe up recipe

I love how loud these socks are they remind me of Rainbow Brite do you remember her? I have a Rainbow Brite Annual from 1989 that I can’t wait to share with T when she’s older. The perfect pair of Spring pick me up socks don’t you think?

I’m participating in 12 in 2011. The group states that you can make 12 things out of stash yarn in 2011. I’m choosing to focus on socks since 99% of my stash seems to be sock yarn so I will be knitting 12 pairs of socks from STASH yarn, that would be yarn that I DIDN’T buy this year. These socks will be pair #2 and my Taglioni’s are pair #1 which I forgot to mention in my post about them. 10 more to go!!

If you need me I’ll be frolicking in rainbows!