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Book Review: The Promise of an Angel by Ruth Reid | Celtic Cast On

I recently had the opportunity to review the book, The Promise Of An Angel by Ruth Reid.

I’ve read a lot of Amish Fiction in my time, my bookshelf upstairs is a testament to that so I knew what to expect before I began reading. This book however was quite different to the Amish Fiction I’m used to. The story was set in Michigan where usually Ohio or Pennsylvania are the main areas used. Judith Fischer is a 19 year old Amish girl living in an Amish community in Michigan. She, like every other Amish girl longs to marry and have boppli’s living the plain and simple life. She has waited two years, abiding by her parents rule of not courting until she was 19, to court Levi Plank. Judith’s world is turned upside down when a tragic accident befall’s her 5 year old brother Sam. An angel visits Judith and assures her that Sam’s steps are ordered by God and that he will walk again. When Judith reveals the Angels visit to the members of the community, no one believes her except for Andrew Lapp.  Judith’s faith is tested, heart is broken and feels completely alone.

Will Sam walk again? Will Judith trust in God and stay faithful if it means being shunned?

This was my first time reading an ebook. I was pleasantly surprised  being able to knit and read at the same time and not have to worry about pages staying open. This was a nice change from the other Amish books I’ve read. It left me wanting to find out more about these characters and their lives and what might happen next in the community but as Amish Fiction is… a bit predictable. Yes there are twists and turns but you always know where it will end up. Maybe that’s why I like Amish Fiction, for its predictability.

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