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Her Saffron Lair | Celtic Cast On

*Thank you to all who entered into the Journey giveaway. I enjoyed reading all of your journey memories! The winner is Amy J. Can you please email or contact me on Rav. The email I sent bounced right back.* While you were all writing about your journey’s my little family was travelling across the U.S.A. to San Diego for a much needed break. On the way I was able to hand deliver… Read More »Her Saffron Lair | Celtic Cast On

Journey Review and Giveaway | Celtic Cast On

I’m excited to be able to review another book from Marian Rae Publications JOURNEY by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook Journey is an aesthetically pleasing coffee table book featuring 6 knit designs. Each design is captured beautifully by Nicholas Kupiak’s stunning photography. The designs include: Climb, a modern take on the classic work sock. Spate, a delightfully textured pair of fingerless gloves with a flip top option for those extra chilly… Read More »Journey Review and Giveaway | Celtic Cast On

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Sock Ninja! | Celtic Cast On

I feel like a sock knitting ninja lately. I’m churning socks out one after the other and there is no stopping me! Pattern: My own Yarn:Knit Picks Felici Aquarium I grabbed this colourway to start a mindless pair of socks on the way to the aquarium with T and some family. The fashion show from Knit East was held at the Huntsman’s Aquarium and while Heidi and I opted to… Read More »Sock Ninja! | Celtic Cast On