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6 months

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Dunluce Castle | Celtic Cast On

Well I promised you some posts on Ireland so lets start off with Dunluce. Dunluce Castle is located on the beautiful coast of County Antrim. This medieval castle was built in the 1300’s by the Earl of Ulster Richard de Burgh. The castle was given to the Northern Ireland Government in 1928 to be preserved as a national monument. It has been added to  over the years and only the… Read More »Dunluce Castle | Celtic Cast On

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JUMP! | Celtic Cast On

                            I’m officially 31 weeks, and with only 9 left to go we’re getting pretty excited! Its hitting home that by the end of next month I’ll have my own little person to look after and care for. Totally pumped and a little nervous of the changes that will happen, I know everything will be fine and after that first week it will be like we’ve never been without Tadpole but… Read More »JUMP! | Celtic Cast On


H is for….. | Celtic Cast On

Well seeing as i’m really awful at keeping up with the ABC Along i’ve decided I’m playing by my own rules. We’re skipping G for now, if anything good pops up I can always backtrack but for now lets talk about H.                                                                       H is for Heidi                                   You’ve all heard me talking about my knitting friend Heidi before but I don’t think I really told you how talented this… Read More »H is for….. | Celtic Cast On