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H is for….. | Celtic Cast On


Well seeing as i’m really awful at keeping up with the ABC Along i’ve decided I’m playing by my own rules. We’re skipping G for now, if anything good pops up I can always backtrack but for now lets talk about H.

                                                                      H is for Heidi


You’ve all heard me talking about my knitting friend Heidi before but I don’t think I really told you how talented this girl is!! Heidi taught herself to knit a few years ago and started churning out these amazing felted bags which she sells in Etsy. They aren’t just any old felted bag, she does the most amazing embroidery work on each of her bag, each one unique and different but all are exquisite. Her Etsy shop is Lilibeth’s Garden, go have a peak. Also have a look at her sold items and you can really get an idea of her amazing work.
Not only does she knit, she crochet’s, draws and has a definate pull towards the fiber arts. *Soon I will have her into rug hooking, it is only a matter of time*
We have known each other for a few years and while knitting brought us together we have discovered how much we really have in common. Her husband says its crazy how alike we are, and that we could be sisters. Very true very true, but let me tell ya I could only dream of having a sister like Heidi.


                                              H is for Heidi a wonderful and talented friend!