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Socktober | Celtic Cast On

Its Socktober and I have been working on… you guessed it socks. Before I get into the socks I know you are all looking at the picture above and saying “Socks? What socks? All I see is that adorable face!” This is Loki. It’s true he is adorable, he loves the bones off T. He is my mum and dad’s baby. How could I take him out of the picture… Read More »Socktober | Celtic Cast On


Excitement! | Celtic Cast On

Well today is an exciting day here at Celtic Cast On…. its KNITTING DAY!!! Finally I get to sit down and just knit away my cares, and not by myself mind you, Heidi’s coming over to join me. Heidi hasn’t been a knitting for very long but she’s hooked 100%, obsessed, lives breaths and dreams yarn… just like the rest of us. I’m soooo glad my knitting friend is in… Read More »Excitement! | Celtic Cast On