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Happy Halloween | Celtic Cast On

This year when I asked T what she would like to be for Halloween she immediately said A Pumpkin! Ok I thought a pumpkin will be easy…. until she said “I want you to knit me a pumpkin!” ummmmm really??? At first I really was going to knit her a pumpkin costume but when we walked into music class and saw THE perfect pumpkin in her size for sale she… Read More »Happy Halloween | Celtic Cast On

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Little Red On The Ridge | Celtic Cast On

Eat your heart out Ysolda its Little Red On The Ridge! Pattern:Capuchon by Tagil Perlmutter from Petite Purls 10 Yarn: Berroco Lustra 3.5 skeins Mods: Instead of an i cord loop for the button I picked up 6 stitches on the side of the border, knit a few rows, added a buttonhole, knit a few more rows and bound off. I thought this would hold the cape on better and… Read More »Little Red On The Ridge | Celtic Cast On