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Finger Mouse | Celtic Cast On

I recently tested this sweet finger puppet kit by Victoria of Little Black Duck You may remember this crown and wand I won on Victoria’s blog last year. Like everything Victoria does, this kit is impeccable. Everything is included to make your mouse *even the needle!* the only thing you will need is a pair of scissors to cut the felt. I was a little hesitant to begin the cutting because as anyone knows felt… Read More »Finger Mouse | Celtic Cast On

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Poolside | Celtic Cast On

This summer I’m spending part of everyday poolside. Its the first year that T is in a swimming lesson that isn’t mom and tot so while she is working on her rocketships and front floats I have idle hands. It hasn’t really been great knitting weather. More like getting drenched when I wasn’t even the one in the pool but I was able to weave in ends on a test… Read More »Poolside | Celtic Cast On