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Demolition | Celtic Cast On

Things have been a tad busy up on the Ridge. For the last week and a half I’ve been busy doing something  I really enjoy…… Ripping and Tearing! We’ve started phase one of renovations on our house. It will probably take all summer to complete working at it when we can. I’m very excited and can’t wait to see the end result but its going to be slow going as… Read More »Demolition | Celtic Cast On

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Catch Up | Celtic Cast On

Sorry its been so quiet around here. We are knee deep in renovations….. spur of the moment renovations at that. For a long time we’ve been talking about splitting our bedroom, which is the length of the house into two. We definitely don’t use the extra space and it could be put to better use as a spare room. So yesterday we got started! Of course the only way to reno on… Read More »Catch Up | Celtic Cast On