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Zip it | Celtic Cast On

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A few weeks ago T took quite an interest in my knitting bag. It was carted around the house, shook, turned upside down, you name it and my poor knitting bag went through it. It wasn’t long before the need to open the bag then consumed her and she did all she could to get into it. I decided it was time for me to teach her how to unzip it.  

She picked it up right away after only showing her once. She unzips it then says OH! I turn the bag around and she zips it closed. Amazing!

Tiny fingers and a mind thats always at work.

Since the zipping has been mastered she has now added the loading and unloading of the knitting bag. Taking each thing out, giving it to me and then taking it all back and loading it in.


I wonder what she will want to conquer next??